M 40 I water problems..Maybe m50 to

I have had three m40I with water issue's. One new one was out in the woods one day and in a heavy rain stopped working, shipped back to amozon. The next two were hit or miss, one took no picts like a bad battery or bad sd card, then the other one acted the same. Changed cards and batterys, then swapped battery trays. They work fine unless they got rained on from what i could see. One would get water inside the menu cover, not much but should be dry. Also the two had battery trays rust on the top, meaning the water was coming in at the top. They were still covered under warranty and Moutrie was great to deal with. Fast to ship back new units. I must say they do take care of customers.
I have since been putting camo ducttape over the top of my m50 and m40 acting like an umbrella to keep water from seeping into the camera. Both cameras are the same build, but maybe the older ones the gasket gets hard and leaks into the camera. Just an FYI. Quick and easy.


  • That's interesting. I've never had a camera ruined by rain but I have heard stories of it happening. Out of curiosity, was the seller you bought from off of Amazon, Moultrie? I have been burned before buying products (not trail camera related) that were damaged or not original from sellers that were not authorized dealers.
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