Moultrie lets me down again

Bought these new cams...blah blah blah...sent in for the rebate however the DATE wasn't on receipt. Are the people who work there incapable of using their brain? These cams just came out this Summer 2019 and the rebate is good to in of the year...right?? So if I mailed in the form and the receipt you would "think," that where using your brain comes in, they would know I bought them SOB's this year. This is freaking unreal. Like I went into the future and bought the cameras and tried to scam them into getting my rebate! It's September 2019 people, bought them in June 2019, makes it eligible for the rebate!! Come on Moultrie, you can do better, but you have burned your last bridge with me. All Moultrie wants is our hard own money. How in the hell do you not send the rebate when its the same damn year the cams came out. Freaking ripoff! Cams suck anyway. Take more pics of nothing than of game no matter what you do. Have one in a damn cow pasture and still get 100plus photos of absolutely nothing!!! I am sick of it. I will be damned if I or my friends buy any moultrie products anymore. Been using this brand for 15 years or more. Not anymore. I have had enough. I am ashamed of you Moultrie. Damn ripoff and we have 9 or 10 of these mobile cams. 😡😡😡😡💩💩💩💩.


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