Moultrie Mobile Crap

Purchased a brand new one today with the A300i camera. Everything worked OK in my house, went to the field and pissed around leaving scent for an hour trying to figure it out while talking to customer service. Went to " level 2 tech" and she said i needed to use an 8gb sd card because the 16 i was using was causing trouble btwn the modem and camera. I switched it out to an 8 i have in another camera and still nothing. It seems to go thru the start up fine but i noticed the "camera" light never illuminates. Im wondering why that is? Either way, seems to be a P.O.S. from everything i have been reading on forums. Im calling again tmrw to vent.


  • Have same problem can't reach customer service except thru email. Got 3 attempts and same boiler plate stock email about battery, SD card etc. No camera light even though it worked on MV1 had. Fed up removed mv2 now it won't reactivate. overall I will just cancel membership and go back to going to the camera to get my pictures. Anyone want to buy 3 moutrie cameras? I'm thru with their products.

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