Connection problems

It seems like a lot of people on this forum are having connection issues.

I have set up a new MVtwo and refreshed two MV ones (fresh batteries etc) and all three are having connection issues

Was told 4g does not connect as well at the 3g network as I changed modem on existing location from MV 1 to an MV 2-the coverage map of Verizon reflects full coverage in my area with a Verizon towner less than 5 miles always

Has anyone else experienced worse connections at the same site moving to 4G from 3g

I think it is pretty clear that moultrie is experiencing a fair amount of technical difficulties with the product/service coupled with limited customer service-my last call the representative did not have a good internet connection on their end??

Guess I will be walking all around the woods on opening weekend going through the same regiment of troubleshooting.....and will some how resolve itself

What the definition of insanity again...


  • You will for sure notice a difference in signal from 3G to 4G. The same tree that I had 100% signal for with a MV1 only gets about 75% with the MV2. It's different technology so that's to be expected.

    I wonder if the connection issues are regional.

    I've not experienced any issues this week. I have MV1, MV2 and X series and all of them have been working as normal. They're located in VA, TN and CO.

  • I have my new 4G modem still in the box and I think I will wait until November to install. Hopefully some of the hunting season is over and they have the bugs worked out (so when I go to set it up, I can get tech support on the phone, if needed)

  • Just setup my xv this morning about 8:30am ...... Seemed to be a bit of a lag but the hot spots are sending pics now 😉. Oh and had a ton of pics until my hunt buddy went a trimmed a limb above camera that was setting it off. I have since changed to low sensitivity.
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