Why are you ripping us off on the data plans?

Why does Moultrie charge an arm and leg more than the competition?
Spypoint has an UNLIMITED plan for $15 a month https://www.spypoint.com/en/spypoint-experience/plans
and CuddeBack has $15 a month for all cameras linked together.
So again why is Moultrie not competing on price with these other company's data plans?

I sure would hate to have to sell my moultrie XA7000i cameras to go with spypoints cameras.
Plus spypoints are on sale at Dick's sporting goods for cheaper than moultries cameras too.

Anyone else feel the same?


  • Against my better judgement, I'm going to respond to this.

    I'm a huge fan of cell cams and have done a ton of research and experimentation on a lot of them. Here's what it all boils down to: There are pros and cons associated with all of them. You get some benefits, you lose some benefits.

    Spypoint is horribly unreliable and the pic quality is terrible. (but you have cheap, unlimited plans)
    Cuddleback links all the cams under one plan. Great if you have all your cams on the same piece of property. Otherwise, you're out of luck.

    See what I mean? Pros and cons to everything. That's what makes the free market great, the consumer gets to decide.

  • Somebody has to make a dollar! I just wish mine worked when I bought it. They could be making some more dollars! Instead, I'm 2 dollars and change in the hole prorated this week. Not even worth making the phone call.

  • I agree there are pros and cons with every camera, but with that being said, the whole purpose of the cell camera is to alert you when animals are there. With the picture quality so low on the images that are sent so that you don't use all of your data, then what are you really gaining or losing on the picture quality. The better pic is saved on the camera so if you want more detail then you can get it when you change the card. I mainly want a camera that will send me a pic of what is there at the moment without having to take out a loan to do it. If I had found the spypoint camera on sale like it is now at Dick's then I probably would have gone that route just to meet my needs and not break the bank. I just think moultrie is charging way too much for their data. Another case in point is StealthCam - their cameras cost more but their data plan is cheaper. Their Scout level is $14/month and you get 500MB or 6250 images. For $20/month you get 1GB of data or 12500 images and then $60 gets you 5GB or 62500 images. Moultrie is over double that for the comparable numbers. Just saying they need to have a price adjustment or they will be losing a lot of customers.

  • Agreed with all comments-my heartburn with moultire has been unreliable hardware which in my case is located 5 hours away and a simple reset or fresh batteries/new card/turn off/turn on ect is cost and time consuming. Numerous months I have had hardware issues with cameras and modems that it has not been reasonably feasible to go to for extended periods while the data bill remains every month for hardware that is clearly unreliable as very well illustrated on this board
  • @Gr8whitehuntr said:
    ....hardware that is clearly unreliable as very well illustrated on this board

    That's not really a fair assessment. That's like asking people standing in the unemployment line how well the economy is working. People come to this board to troubleshoot (which is appropriate) but you don't see a lot of talk about systems working well because they're out enjoying the equipment. And if someone does come on here talking about how it's great, then they get blasted for being a suck-up or lying...

  • I have three xv7 as of right now ($50 rebate helped at a $159 price at academy) and so far they are working they way they were intended. I only wish Moultrie would discount data packages according to how many cameras you have running at the time. This request is not unreasonable at all.
  • I appreciate the feedback-while looking through photos I realized that I have been using the modems for over two years in which time I have experienced more unreliable hardware issues than anything else-most issues are usually cured with simple on site fixes-I have had to send cameras and modems back to moultire as well. In my case the time and cost to get to remote cameras is undesirable. When cameras go down-the data still gets billed monthly and sometimes while having multiple cameras down-the monthly bill still comes very reliably. There has also been 3 separate instances where modems have stopped working for a period of time and begin working again for no known reason without on site visit and the previous month of data that was not used is then maxed out when the camera comes back on line and downloads 3 months worth of pics on one month worth of “data”

    Again-these are my own personal experiences that are have also been shared with numerous other users in different areas with the hardware/readability being the common denominator in shared experiences

    When the system works as intended-it’s great-when it doesn’t modems are plastic “paperweights” with associate monthly bills which is what causes my disappointment

    Everyone’s experiences are just that-I am sharing my personal experiences for the greater good
  • Well I had a brand new SpyPoint camera that worked for 2 months then broke! It took me 2 months through Facebook messenger ( that’s the ONLY way to get support) to finally get a replacement! Well got the replacement that worked 3 days and broke just like the original camera! Well 3 weeks later I finally got a third replacement which I immediately sold! I bought the new Moultrie cellular camera and couldn’t be happier! My Moultrie has been working perfectly with NO problems! Yes the plans are a few dollars more a month but the camera quality is better and so is the service!

  • Great news-I hope you continue to experience long term trouble free operation with you new set up

    Keep us updated-would be great to hear long term trouble free reports

    All the best luck
  • I have had my fair share of hardware issues, just in the last few days, one camera's date changed on photos while in the midst of taking photos of a small buck, which caused the system to want to upload every picture on my card which chewed up all of my data. All that said, my gripe is not so much the issues but the fact that support doesn't listen to the feedback. You get lame things like, format your SD or change your batteries. I would much rather hear, we've had XX number of reports of this, we are working on it or this is the first time we've seen this, can you provide more data.

  • I've just had mine going a few days so will not comment on any reliability of the hardware or app. I will say, as far as data and cost structure, I really think the data, or at the very least, some percentage of data, should roll over. The whole "use it or lose it" is an antiquated concept of doing business when providing wireless service. It should roll over and increase to at least 50% of the maximum of your current data plan. That would give users at least a chance to decrease their plan mid-month if some rolled over from the previous month and photo activity was low.

    I do like the no contract feature. That's a plus.

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