Xv7000i Will Not Power On

Hi guys I’ve had my camera for a couple of weeks and stopped getting images. Camera had not connected in a couple of days so I went to get it. The last connection had 100% battery strength but will not power on now. Replaced batteries again with more energizers and nothing. Turned the on/off switch a couple of times and then the battery light flashed red one time and the server stayed red then goes away. Any thoughts on this? Is it usual to have high swings in signal strength? Camera goes from 90 to 0 through out the day.


  • I would suggest taking the batteries out then turn the on-off switch to on and wait a few seconds and then reinstall batteries and try to restart the camera. The signal strength issue has been going on for a while if it is sending pictures it has signal. Good luck!

  • I just bought XV7000i. I can't get it to appear in my camera dashboard. When I go to manage cameras it shows up a shows active but dont seem to power on. Battery led blinks and server led blinks. Anyone had the issue
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