XA-7000i wont upload some images

Hope you guys can figure this out for me. I have an XA-7000i that I set up on my spot. Seemed to be working fine, even though it had very very weak signal strength (I anticipated that, the area is a bit of a deadzone). Needless to say, the next morning I had a great few pics of a Doe and her yearling right where I thought they would be. However, on the app it says that it had taken 170 pictures, only, 24 of them came through. I had the camera sitting for over 4 days, and the only pics it sent through were the time lapse pictures, other then those of me setting the camera and the doe. Where are the remaining 146 photos it says it took. I ask because A) I could be missing out on the other deer in the area and B) its chewing into my data plan without actually getting any results on my phone or on the website. I even got the camera, put the card in the computer, and it only had 24 pictures on it, the same ones it had uploaded to my phone.

I figured it was just because it was in a bad service area and that once I got the camera to good service it would upload the pictures, but now that I have the same ones missing from my card, I don't know what the problem could be.



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