Xa7000i not sending photos

Hey everyone, me and my dad both just bought new cellular cams from moultrie and we can’t get either of the cameras to send photos. We both bought data plans through moultrie, followed instructions, used lithium batteries, put in SD card, and ran the server test and when we ran the server test it transmitted images to the mobile app for both cameras. But after leaving it set up, it will not send photos to the app. I left mine in my yard one night and never had any photos sent to me and the next day I checked it and had 38 images on the SD card so I know it’s working. Right now both cameras are out in the field, one has 100% modem service and the other has 53% yet neither has sent photos unless I manually did the transmit test. Any info on what the problem may be. I feel like I’ve followed all the steps but don’t understand why neither camera works, maybe I missed something or got unlucky and both cameras are duds. Any help would be appreciated


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    Card formatted in camera? Upload frequency set to immediate? Maybe try a different type SD card?

    Saw similar issue, but they never replied back.

    Another person wasn't receiving images and on his 3rd card it worked. Just some previous things I've read.


  • I’ve tried two separate SD cards so far and when the first one didn’t send photos I assumed it was either the card or maybe service (37%) at the time. Then put a new card and placed cam in the field. Now with much higher service on a pretty frequently travelled deer trail. Still no photos. Just wondering if maybe there’s a bug with the camera or maybe there’s a chance it just hasn’t taken any pics yet. It’s on public land so no feed just trails
  • Go through that link I added up there and check those suggestions. Signal should be fine. I guess the new card was a different brand. Class 10. SDHC 8 gb works best I've read.

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    May be best to call them with camera in hand during their business hours. Try redownloading the app. Or resetting the filter at the top of the app or web page. Not sure what frequency for uploads you have it set to. But, if it doesn't get triggered it should show a "last connection" 25 hours after the last check in.

  • The card I had in to start was an 8GB SDHC. So assumed it was service that was the issue and now I changed card and service is excellent. I’ll probly go back to the woods and grab the cams tomorrow unless we get pics over night. My brother bought the same camera a couple months ago and we love it so that’s what made us buy ours
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    If it checks in at 25 hours you'll know if its working. If it checks in before 25 hrs without a pic you'll know theres an upload issue maybe.

  • Click the cameras tab to see the last connection time.

  • Ok so the Moultrie customer service rep explained it to me.

    You could have a cell tower right next to your camera. But that doesn’t guarantee good service.

    There is a preference on who gets connection first. And Moultrie customer are not high on the pecking order.

    So if the cell tower you camera is using us very busy with other traffic. Your pictures could be delayed hours or days until there is enough bandwidth to accommodate a lower preference Moultrie customer

    I have a tower row farms over but some times I won’t connect for a day or two because that tower is busy taking care of other cell traffic that has higher priority.

    Sucks. That’s why you get 0 percent modem signal sometimes.
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    @drywallerdave someone honestly told you that? Moultrie is the cell providers customer. They share the pics with us. I think I would have busted out laughing.

  • > @donejones said:
    > @drywallerdave someone honestly told you that? Moultrie is the cell providers customer. They share the pics with us. I think I would have busted out laughing.

    Yes that’s what was told to me for the reason not getting my pictures sent to me and the modem going to zero

    All I can do is trust what Moultrie tells me I guess.

    Not happy with this camera
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    The preference on who gets connection first was the amusing part.

    Mine still drops into the single digits, but I think I've only had a late upload a time or two over the last 9 weeks or so.

    I'm sure there are busy times on cell towers, if you are in a busy place. I had a phone that had awful 4g while everyone else worked fine. Turned out the sim card sucked. Worked great after a new one.

  • Well, I put the camera in a new place and says I have 30% modem signal. It sends me the test photos but I left it for four days and had zero pics. This time I had it on private land in front of feed and when I checked it today every bit of feed was gone yet it took zero photos and had zero new photos on the sd card. I reset it and I’m giving it one more chance to work before I go to moultrie with a complaint. I’ve had the camera almost two weeks and it’s only taken about 7 photos in the field total
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