No email confirmation\activation code

Tried to creat a Moultrie Mobile acct today for new 7000. Went thu all pages filling all required fields. Message stated a confirmation email would be sent with activation code. Never received an email confirmation. Checked all possible email locations. Sent message to support and some time later got a reply that stated they had confirmed my email and I could now sign in. NOPE! Still does not work states “Opps wrong email or password” I only have one email address and one password. Tried “forgot password” option and it still no email from Moultrie? Is this typical? Not getting the warm and fuzzy here 🙈😫.
Thanks for any info......


  • Finally made it through to Support. First girl was less than helpful, put me on hold for 25 mins to which I hung up. Called back an hour or so later and Melody answered. She was completely different. Polite, wanted nothing than to help and got right to it. She made a few adjustments reset the acct and stayed on the line until I was able to confirm it was fixed. WOW! What a difference!
    Things seem to be working as designed not sure why there was a problem but Melody straighten it out. Thanks

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