XV-7000i junk? or not?

Received my XV-7000i Friday, drove down to my wife's families farm around Toccoa, GA on Saturday to put the camera out. Installed new batteries and 32gb memory card while I set it up sitting on the porch. While setting it up I never would get green on the signal, nor the server. Not sure why as where they live I have 4g and max bars on my cell. Headed out to the woods looking for a spot to put it and never got any signal on it whatsoever even though I was always maxed on my cell. Decided to bring it back to Cullowhee, NC to smoke it over again before I send it back for a refund. Even at my house I still get no signal with this thing. I'm not sure what the problem is and I cannot get in touch with anybody at Moultrie to ask them. Sat on the phone for 30+ minutes today listening to the same automated voice over and over again.


  • There could be something going on with the unit that will not allow it to connect.

    But the first thing I would try is to use an 8gb card. The larger cards can cause issues sometimes. Then, I would make sure you reformat that card in the camera, using the instructions. After that is done, let the camera cycle through and see if it connects.

    Also, is the camera showing on the app?

  • Moved to a 2gb card. Same result. Yes, the camera shows up as active.

  • hate That your having an issue. Other than an app issue mine worked as ordered. SC fixed the app issue once I made contact. For what it’s worth I know it sounds crazy but I have witnessed brand new batteries come out of the pack with a dead cell or low amp. Not often but it has happen. Maybe try a new set if possible? Probably not the issue but while waiting give it a try. I have heard a few folk say that received a faulty camera straight out of the box. Moultrie replaces them but it still sucks. Hope you get an answer and keep us posted. I am looking at buying several more if this first one continues to perform.

  • UPDATE: Moultrie had to call Verizon to get it connected to the network. Glad that was an easy fix.
  • Glad to hear it is working. Bought one at BP last week and it is currently uploading some good pics, every 6 hours. Had one hiccup Friday night where it switched to once a day, and thought the unit died, so went out and power cycled it, then changed it back to 4 times per day. All good, and will blame that on me learning the app.

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