Remote Reset?

My modem hasn't checked in since the 12th. I thought it was because my data plan was full, but that reset yesterday and still isn't checking in. My other modem is working fine. I checked it yesterday in person and it was on and seemingly operational, but I couldn't get it to check in when holding down the button... Was hoping it was because the plan was full, but again, it's since reset and not checking in. Is it possible to do a remote/forced check in?


  • There's not a lot you can do, remotely. You can reformat the card but that's about it.

    If you're on location, I would pull the battery tray out to let it reset. While I haven't experienced what you're seeing, so I can't verify that will work, it's what I would do if I was in your shoes.

  • I have had that happen more than once. An on-site visit with described reset usually works. If you can’t get to in person-I have had it start checking in the next day-go completely dormant and start working at some random interval-with no rhyme or reason on outcomes

    Hope you can do a hands on reset-if you can’t do that-sit back and wait-my suggestion if it doesn’t check in soon-turn data off to save wasting $$

    That being said a camera that has been dormant for three weeks-came back on out of the blue two days ago-go figure

    Best of luck
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    Seems like these things may need a watchdog timer built-in. That way if there's no activity for a solid 24 hours, it would reboot the system, with a Connect/Upload routine part of the process. Mine went dormant for a day, so I trekked out and reset using the On/Off button. Two days later and good so far.

  • They have a built in 24/25 hour timeout window in which if there is nothing they will check in, even on immediate mode. Though is something else has happened to lock the system up, or if it hits that check-in window and gets unlucky with no signal, it still won't be able to talk to the server.

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