No Memory message

mcg-12590. I have this trail camera, and I have a brand new set of batteries in there and a brand new SD card. I continue to get a No Memory message. Why would that happen?


  • It's not reading the card correctly. Try ejecting the card and reinsertting it while it says No Memory. This always gets the cam to read the card for me when I get that message. If that doesn't work try another card. Use a plain SanDisk card that doesn't say ultra or high speed. If that doesn't work then the cam may have issues.

  • Sodbuster is spot one. One other thing to look for is on the side of the SD Card, there is a "Lock" switch. Make sure that's not flipped to on. That will prevent the card from being read.

  • I bought a new 32GB card for it, and it was not recognized. The old card was just old and the lamination started to come apart. Neither card worked. So I bought a new Moultrie camera that came with an 8GB card, and I tried that in this camera, and it worked. So I just ended up putting the larger card in the new one. So I have it working for now. I assume the new 32GB card I bought, was too advanced for this older camera. Just my thoughts. Either way, it's out working now.
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