Bad Picture Quality

I have a Moultrie A Series, Model MCG-13286 and I was wondering if it is normal for the picture quality to be so bad at night. I have attached 2 recent photos. One is a fox and the other is a couple of hound dogs. Thanks.


  • A series cameras are not known for their outstanding image quality. They're a budget camera and with that comes a budget image.

    That being said, the images you posted, are challenged by slow shutter speeds and movement. Not enough light to get the shutter fast enough combined with subjects moving and you get blurry images.
  • Thank you RocklockHunter. I suspected as much but really needed a second opinion. I had an old camera (don't know the brand) that was given to me but broke. It had a nice bright flash on it and I loved it. Apparently this flash is not bright enough.

  • I have an A series camera and get great nightime pictures of Owls, Foxes, Coons, Coyotes and Deer up to 100 ft away in all weather in the woods near my house. My first question looking at your images is whether you have updated the firmware on the camera and what settings you are using on the camera. Your images look like some that my friend had before I updated his camera’s firmware. I have used an A30 camera for two years and gotten very clear night and daylight images.

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