XV-7000i not sending pics?

Just got camera for Xmas. I use Verizon and have good service by me. I bought the 3000 pics a month plan. Set it up, put it close by for 2 days. Worked fine. Yesterday I brought out to one of my spots. Set up about 6 feet or so in tree facing downward on a ridge trail. Turned it on, everything linked. Walked in front of it several times at various distances. Sent me the pics all good. I have good service on app, full battery 2% used on new 8g SD card and I haven't gotten a pic since the last pic of me as I was leaving. That was around 4 pm yesterday. Any troubleshooting ideas from guys who know these cams well? ( My first cell cam). This spot I get about 1100 plus pics a week with regular trail cam. Wether yesterday and today is rainy and overcast. Not sure what to do. Can I force a test pic via the app? Should I format the card again through app? Thanks in advance.


  • I'm assuming based on your comments that you have it set to "Immediate" delivery so let's rule that out for now.

    The camera will check in with the server based on the settings (Immediate, 2x a day ect) or 25 hours. Whichever comes first. I would for sure wait and see what happens at 5:00 today. If it checks in with the server and you don't get any pictures, it could just be that nothing triggered it. As you mentioned, that sounds unlikely-and the X series are known for being on the sensitive side.

    So if it doesn't check in at 5:00, I think it will require a visit to the camera site. You won't be able to reformat the SD card remotely as it's not connecting to the server to get that command. Likewise, you can't "force a test pic via the app" either.

    If have to go to the site, I would do the following (if it were me)

    • Press the connect button and see if it will force a transmission. Make sure all the lights cycle through.
    • If you don't get any pictures, I would turn off the camera and wait for a few mins. Then, turn it back on and see if it connects.

    Hopefully one of those two methods will jump start it and you'll get your pictures. If that doesn't happen, I would follow the instruction manual's instructions on reformatting the SD card and try again for a few more day.

    Worse case scenario, you go through those steps and can't get it corrected, you'll need to connect with Customer Service.

    I hope that helps,

  • Sincerely appreciate your reply. I run about 10 cameras. Moultrie's, 28 dollar tasco cam on stateland etc. All work flawlessly. As I said this is my first cell cam and I went with moultrie because I have been using them for years with zero issue. I'm new to the cell cams but have been wanting one for awhile since this particular spot is 3/4 of a mile in give or take. Why do you think it worked fine for 2 days, and worked yesterday when I tested it before I left it. I took 7 pics of myself at all different distances. All came through to app in about 20 seconds. Knowing this spot I just refuse to believe nothing has passed it. Just a bit frustrated.
  • Cell cams are a different bug. It takes a lot more patience than regular cell cams. There are A LOT more moving pieces and components that have to work together just right to make it call come together. And unfortunately, some are out of the control of the camera maker (examples: Cell carrier, weather, cell tower issues, picture hosting company, Apple/Play store, ect)

    I had an XA that ran for a couple days, then stopped. I went to the site and did the steps above and it started right back up and working again. As for why that happened, I can't answer. I'm sure there is something in the code that tripped over itself and got hung up.

  • So even if it was working, do you think I should pick up a new SD card after work and start fresh? We do have 90% cloud cover today with rain, could that be effecting it? Also , just because it's not sending me pictures doesn't mean it's not taking them correct? So IF checks in at 5 pm it could potentially send me all the pics it's taken?
  • It would not hurt to pick up a new, dedicated SD card for that camera. I would get an 8g, class 10 that isn't an "Ultra" speed card. They seem to work best.

    It's hard to say about the pictures. I think that would depend on what happened to make it stop. If it took pictures and then bailed out during the transmission of the images, then they may come through at the next check-in. If the issue is that it came to a complete stop, then there may not be any pictures.

    That's one disadvantage to the X series of the separate modems. I have a MV1 that the batteries are dead in it, but the camera I'm sure is still taking pictures. So when I get new batteries in the modem, I will get those pictures. They're not lost.

    Pros and cons of course.

  • Overall are you happy with this camera and functionalality? Because after a 12 hour day the last thing I feel like doing is stopping to get a new card, going home getting changed and walked almost a mile back to cam in the dark and pouring rain. Completely defeats the purpose of it. Extremely aggravated right now.
  • I get the frustration. I've had to do the same (and with other cell camera companies as well) That decision is entirely up to you. Cell cams can be more work and stress, only you can determine if it's worth the effort.

    For me, getting pictures daily from 3 states in almost real-time, helps me escape the stress of daily life and contain my excitement for the upcoming hunting seasons. For me, it's 100% worth it.

    I have all the models, XA, XV, MV1 and MV2s. They all have pros and cons. I determined I have one more location that I'm going to put another one this summer. It will likely be an XA.

  • Ok so the camera checked in a few mins ago. So it's working. Now why am I not getting pics. Theres no possible way not even a squirrel ran by. Bucks , does, fox , yote , bears, coons etc all frequent this funnel. What am I doing wrong with my settings? Any advice?
  • What is it showing for Pic count? i.e. does it look like it's increasing?

    You may want to go in and make sure you don't have any filters set. You can do that by clicking on the menu (3 bars) and then clicking "Reset" and then "Apply Filters"

  • No that's what I'm saying Cam checked in so it's functioning properly but it says there's no pictures which I find to be very hard to believe. Explain to me what the filters are? And how do I take them off? I set the sensitivity too high just to see what was going on and still nothing. But now if I adjust any settings it won't set until I checks in again correct?
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    Hit the camera tab and see what signal it checked in with. After some of your pics check it as well. 40% and above hopefully. First thing I do when I get a picture is go to the camera tab and see what signal % they come in at after each pic. Only goes by last check in or picture sent as far as latest activity. @RocklockHunter has you on the right path to figure out any issue.

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    Open the app.

    Tap these 3 bars.

    Then tap reset, then apply filters

  • Mine is doing the same thing. Works for a while, and then stops sending pictures for some reason. And it’s not because of the battery or signal- both are 100%. I had to drive three hours to my camera to turn it off and back on, then it started working again, and then quit sending after a week or so. MOULTRIE- HELP
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