Horrible Night Videos from my XV7000i

I am getting horrible steaks in every night video on both of my new XV7000i wireless cameras. I have requested help from "Support" but all they said is they cannot see the videos because they are on the card only. Yeah, I get that but then they simply said, case closed. That was no help at all. I tried to attach the videos here, but it doesn't accept the video format. Ugh! Please advise if you have seen same.


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    You running a class 10 card? Never tried video. Probably have to upload to a youtube account and post the link. Maybe someone from Moultrie would visit here and see it.

  • I get pretty good night videos. 16GB card, Class 10. When the sun is settng/rising, there is short period where videos will be completely black, as the camera is in the wrong mode for lighting. Otherwise, good videos.

    youTube would be good spot to let the world see how crappy your cam is working. Then maybe Moultrie would be inclined to take a look.

  • @JBnga Try posting a pic or two here, both a day and night one and maybe someone on here will have an idea of something to try to make it better.

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