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Please be patient. This is my first trail cam. We use it for tracking stray/lost dogs. Most of the settings make no sense to me! I need help.
What we would like is once there is movement in front of camera, ONE picture is taken & a video, short one. Once movement is detected we would like to receive immediate notification on cell phone...a beep/sound. Would like to receive that pic and video to my email as I know it wont send the video.
I am always "signed in". Does the app on phone need to be OPEN in order to get the notification immediately.
The minute a dog goes into the trap we need to be there. Hence the reason I would like immediate notification on cell phone.
Any advice would be welcomed.
Thank you, jamie


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    As long as notifications are on in both the app, and in the application settings in the phone. Yes you should get notifications. Test the camera before putting it out.

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    If I'm reading your desired set-up correctly..

    • Motion activated picture and video - Possible. Change setting to Picture and video
    • Immediate notifications - Possible. (normally about a 2-3 min delay) make sure your "Upload Frequency" is set to "Immediate"
    • Beep or sound - Possible. Make sure the app is set to allow notifications and the sound is on your phone.
    • Receive pic - Possible. It will be uploaded through the app to view
    • Receive video - NOT Possible. I'm sure it's in the works but that's not a feature offered just yet. You will be able to view the video on the card if you choose to do so.
    • Received via email - Partially possible. You can receive a NOTIFICATION of new images to your email, but you will not receive the actual image via email.

    • Phone app open? - No, the app does not have to be open to get your notifications or receive images.

    I hope that helps, but feel free to ask more questions if you get stuck.

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