XV7000i Voltage

Does anyone know what the voltage is on the XV7000i. I am needing to add a battery pack to mine and I am not sure what volt battery to add to it.


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    With 12 1.5 volt batteries that's 18v that I guess is regulated to 12 in the camera. The battery box from Moultrie is 12v 7ah I believe? I use a 12v 12ah that works perfect with one. Just don't hook solar to the external without it being regulated. Probably best to call them, so you don't have any warranty issues. Maybe they'll have some idea.

  • My S50 camera takes qty (12) AA 1.5V batteries and has the remote 12V input jack. I went through this with Moultrie 2 years ago when I got it, and I didn't get much of an answer, other than YES, you can use any of the Moultrie 12V products with my camera, including the remote 12V battery, 120V to 12V wall adapter, splitter, etc.
    Energizer Lithium batteries are actually 1.6 to 1.7 fresh out of the box, and I put a multimeter on the + and - terminals of the battery box, and hit over 20V DC!
    I've been using my S50 camera for 2 years now, off of a remote 12V battery system (that always stays charged), and the good news to report, is that the Camera is always showing 100% battery.
    I change the AA batteries in it once a year for good measure, and they are still good. in fact, I bring the old batteries home and save them for kids things like toys and flashlights.

    If you have any questions on any of this, please let me know if I can help

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