I hate bears...


  • Hopefully bear doesnt do damage, Moultrie has no service dept nor parts dept. I just had my brand new camera get a tooth puncture in PIR lens and there is nothing they can do for me. About a $1 dollar piece of plastic and I cant get it from them. Searching ebay now for some type of replacement. I will never buy another Moultrie again. Brand new Cuddeback just arrived today.

    Just bought a new Moultrie A-20 Bundle for bear season. Awesome camera, getting great pics of tons of black bear. Until, one of bears decides to find camera. He was pretty gentle on it, one small hole in PIR sensor. No big deal 1"x1" piece of plastic, I'll give Moultrie a call and have them send me a new one. Well low and behold they dont sell parts any longer. No bid deal again, I will just send camera in to get repaired. Well, what do you know they dont have a service center either. So my brand new camera is sitting on my desk as I search Ebay for fresnel lens to try and fix myself. Spoke with supervisor and expressed my dissatisfaction. I own 5 Moultries and will never buy another one. Cuddeback actually took in a 5 year old camera of mine that had went bad and offered me a discount on a new one. Just set it out tonight and pulled down a Moultrie Game Spy that really takes bad pics. I will make sure and post pics of my Cuddeback to show you the difference.

  • @gatorgrain I hate to hear you are having issues with it but as you can see, I can certainly relate to your frustration of bears tearing up equipment. We've had a couple cameras torn off of trees and knocked down but so far, none have been destroyed. I guess we've just been lucky. I'm hoping we can thin them out a lot this year.

    These are the first Moultrie products I have owned. I've owned just about every other manufacturer of cameras except for Reconyx. The soonest I've had one go dead on me was about a year. (Primos). So far, I have been thoroughly pleased with the Moultrie camera and even the mobile unit. I of course had issues when there were system wide issues, but outside of that, it's been smooth sailing. My only complaint is that they did an update and it took away the New Image Notifications via the Android App.

    You might want to contact one of the moderators here. They have been extremely helpful. They might have some spare parts laying around.

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