Axis bucks

Here are is a nice axis buck and a really good axis buck.


  • How old do axis bucks have to get to grow the big racks like the one in your last pic?

  • I really don’t know but I will talk to my number one game expert tomorrow at church. I am sure he will know. Here is what Google says. Stags reach adult size at age 4-5 while does are typically 6 before they reach their full adult size. Most does are breeding by the time they are 14-17 months old. Lifespan for Axis deer is approximately 9-13 years. Axis deer typically have 3 points on each antler which sweeps back and up.
  • My friend agrees with google. He figures around 4 - 6 years to grow a good set.
  • Thanks. Sounds like they are similar to whitetail.

  • They are in some ways. They breed year round, and they don't all shed their antlers at the same time. You can have bucks without antlers, some in velvet and some fully developed all at the same time. We have a fawn here that I spotted the other day that can't be over 3 or 4 days old.. They sure are pretty deer. Also they can be hunted year round as they are considered feral. They are from India.

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