Can someone help me NOW

14 hour shift, moved cam from one spot about 4 miles away back to a spot it was about 300 yards from all fall . Zero issues. Had Duracell top of the line batteries since I got it. No issues. Death marched 3 miles 2 nights ago. Camera still showing same dashboard as before ie batteries at 50% SD card 75% excetera excetera it was absolutely fine before I moved it so I replace the batteries roll out here which I'm now currently standing three miles in the woods in the middle of nowhere trying to watch a thicket an overgrown for upcoming turkey season nothing happens. Contact the wise folks At Moultrie and they swear it's my batteries they recommend Energizer lithium even though I've been just fine on my duracell's now I'm standing here with full cell signal try to take a test picture and nothing's happening can somebody please help me it's been a long day


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