New ProMagnum Feeder, No power on screen

I received the Moultrie Pro Magnum 55-Gal Tripod feeder as a Christmas Present this year and just recently got around to placing it in use. I installed two new, freshly charged, 6V 5 amp batteries and proceeded to move to the timer for programming only to find the timer screen to be blank as if it had no power at all. I proceeded to check charge on batteries again and found them to be charged. I double checked the alligator clips to ensure clips were properly installed (+- clips for battery 1 connected to battery 1 and obviously the same for battery 2). Any other troubleshooting, tips, or tricks would be appreciated.


  • I got one also for ur holidays. Sounds like a hardware problem. Mine has been working flawlessly. Also check out some threads on the spinner plate modifications. Sometimes the spinner jams and a little modification of it can cure this problem.
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