IR sensor lense question

Hi all, We run a number of Moultrie 9xx's commercially across a farm (ranch) and the D900's are loosing the lense over the IR detector due to the fierce Australian Sun!

In the image below the left one has not had an exposed location, centre (lense fell out) have had direct Sun for two years and the right one's lense is very fragile.

Is there a replacement part or suggested material we can replace this with and get them back out in the paddock?

Cheers !


  • I don't think they sell replacement lenses but you might be able to call consumer services and see if they have anything they can send you. Unfortunately you can't just slap a piece of plastic over it, as those lenses have special ridges that help shape and focus the PIR energy into the sensor itself which allow for proper triggering.

  • Many thanks; Yes they are a "collimator" and I have tried various materials, such as plastic and it excludes the PIR, whilst polythene shows some promise (until our Sun arrives!).

    Have a support reply from Pradco as you said, nothing available.

    Will keep searching as they are too useful to abandon.

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