camera continues to send photos every 4 minutes although it is set to motion detection only

just bought a new 7000i verizon and ready to return it!! it continues to take photos every 4 minutes even though it is set on motion detection only. i had to delete nearly 2000 photos today.. any one have an idea how to correct it? thanks


  • have you tried sticking it in a closet facing a wall to see if it's still continuously taking pictures? If that's the case there might be a problem with it. Otherwise it could be something to do with the location/position of the camera causing false triggers perhaps?

  • thanks for the idea.. i'll try that .. it doesn't seem to be triggers though because it takes photos every 4 minutes consistently for hours and hours

  • I had a camera that was taking photos non stop even without anything to trigger it. I did the closet test and had the same non stop photos. I sent it back to moultrie and got a replacement.
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