Modem question for Moultrie.

I’ve been starting to have signal issues as of late. Which is causing me to go through expensive lithium batteries in less than 24 hours in a modem. I guess my question is. If my cell phone can send and receive all kinds of multi media messages when I’m in the woods standing next to my MV2 without breaking a sweat (on the same cell provider network) Why does the MV2 have such a hard time transmitting the low resolution thumbnails. Are the cellular modems in the MV2 just not capable? Do they need a larger antenna? What’s going on here?


  • It's a complicated question. The tech in your cellphone is a modern miracle, and in fact some of what makes it so great is that it's tethered to your person which helps with the antenna tuning. The MV2 which is hanging on the tree has a whole host of other things it has to deal with. If the signal issues are just now starting there are a few things it could be:

    The signal coverage of that area is fluctuating due to verizon re-adjusting things (they do this frequently, but even more-so now that people are staying home all the time), blooming foliage creating a more noisy environment for the modem. There is a lot that goes into signals and systems.

  • Well I Hope the signal issues calm down then. I can’t afford all these batteries.
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