The day have finally come.....

After a multi-year battle with all things mobile Moultrie, my journey has come to an end at this point in time. In reflection, I seem to have been through it all with MV1, MV2 modems, numerous different camera combinations, modem location changes, Moultrie external battery boxes, solar panels even large 12v deep cycle external batteries to keep power to cameras and associated modems ect-ect-ect that are all 230 miles away. I have gone so far as to build boxes to keep the modem and camera out of the weather as they have never been very resistant to the elements with battery tray connections and LCD screens susceptible to moisture intrusion to assist with performance. Several calls to CS have always been staffed with pleasant employees that ultimately can’t do much remotely coupled with most of my onsite visits are not during M-F/9-5 hours have made it a challenge. I believe that I can probably write the bullet points of troubleshooting off the top of my head as I have done them so many times and understand that is most of what CS can do remotely.
The board has always been a great wealth of information and immensely helpful over the years. I have noted many times that when the hardware/software work as expected-it is wonderful-when they do not, they are expensive costly paperweights. The cost of AA batteries alone over the years is disturbing alone (I reviewed my amazon order history) not including time, gas, external batteries, overpriced Moultrie battery box (only one “recommended” for product) non Moultrie external batteries (big and small) solar panels, building enclosures ect-ect. Couple this with terrible historic operational performance with large monthly payments that were made like clockwork for data that didn’t or could not get used for months or the occasional camera that would come back online and max out data on the first “random” upload and I would have to buy more data for a month to keep viewing activity.
Interesting that after stopping service-I received a survey email from Moultrie-this may be the only time I have been able to get feedback to them other than whoever views this forum.
I understand that they are electronic items with numerous factors involved that are outside the control of Moultrie in real world conditions. One of the properties has a Verizon cell tower within 5 miles-due to remote location and most likely Verizon “throttling” the data from local users and signal strength has been bounced around so much in readings-its frankly hard to believe that there can be that big of a swing. Yes, I have tried moving locations with both MV2 and MV1 more times that I can count the only thing that is truly consistent is the inconsistency.
The time, money and performance in review does not align with the associated costs. Furthermore, several of the cameras are used for security purposes-inconsistent performance is not a good thing. With working, consistent products-the last two incidents could have provided law enforcement with tangible information to help catch/deter bad guys doing bad things.
Sorry for the long post-this is my feedback as a long term-early adopter of the services that ran numerous set ups on numerous properties over numerous years. If anyone at Moultrie wants to further discuss or review any other feedback glad to talk-private message me. I need to explore other options for my needs. Best wishes and luck to all-hope all are safe and healthy.

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