wireless? Modem?

I am trying to figure out what equipment needs to go with what camera to send pics to phone or 'puter. If I have an "i" type camera will that send pics, via 3G or 4G? No modem necessary? I will need to pay for access to the Moultrie Mobil network?
If not an "i" model would I need a modem? No need for the MM network? I tried to get answers from the chat feature but my rep disappeared after about a minute and stopped answering questions.


  • "I" just stands for "Invisible flash". It does not have any correlation to Moultrie Mobile.

    You will need either one of the "X" series cameras which has the modem built into the camera. Think, all-in-one unit.

    Or, you can purchase and MV2 or MA2 (V = Verizon, A = AT&T) and connect the modem to any Moultrie game camera from 2015 or newer.

    The various models can be found HERE

    You'll have to purchase a plan (one for each modem) to receive the pictures through cellular service.

    Hopefully that gets you started, but feel free to ask additional questions to narrow down your specific needs.

  • Thanks, RocklockHunter!

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