Signal strength

When I set up my camera it showed good signal, when I got home and checked on phone its only showing 13%. Is that good enough signal to receive pictures? Thanks


  • Hard to say for certain, but it's possible. At times, I've had both modems and X series send pics with 0% signal. There are a lot of factors involved in sending data over a cellular transmission.

    FYI, your signal will likely vary depending on the time of the day, foliage, weather ect. So don't be surprised if it changes frequently. As long as you're getting images, that's all that matters.

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    the higher % you can get for signal, the better. it makes for a faster, easier, and more accurate upload. theatrically if you have some sorta % you should be good. also sometimes if you move your cellular device a few degrees it will boost your signal by a lot.

  • Thanks for the input! New to the cameras

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