Recall A25 A35

Purchased 4 of the A25 and 2 of the A35. Not one camera works. New batteries, new SD cards...nothing works. Did the "hard reset"....nothing! No power, nothing happens when I turn them on. I purchased these cameras on ebay...brand new. Seller says send cameras back to moultrie. Ebay is not an "authorized dealer" so no refund, no help. Moultrie needs to send these cameras back to China and threaten to take their business to Japan if they don't put out quality cameras. I'm out over $200 because moultrie won't stand behind their product regardless of where I bought it. Disgusted!


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    you probably got some sorta knock-off. some sellers on ebay are authorized, others are privet sellers. you have to look at the person who is selling it. look at the seller and see if it is in fact a, or not a authorized seller. if it is a authorized seller try sending it back, they should take it. if they wouldn't then i would dispute it over ebay if you can. then try moultrie again, your out of luck... that's if moultrie will not take it back, which it sounds like they will not.

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