Very up set at the new A-900 I

Bought it for my wife as she sets them up on her water fall & stream to get pictures of birds. Maybe i got a " LEMON " ! I have set it up 3 different ways & it will take 12 pictures & stops. Color not very good ! It will not take any pictures at night ! I have replaced the card, batteries, reset everything several times ! Anyone with an idea--- HOLLER !


  • Mine does the same damn thing!

  • @speedy and Zeke. I'm assuming you guys turned on the cameras and did a walk through test?
    I believe you should see a faint glow from at least one led at least 15 yards away that should tell you the camera is armed and recording. If you are not triggering it, then its RMA time or store return before the return time is up. I don't know who you return bad cameras to.

    The only other obvious thing I can think of is, there isn't anything moving in the zone to trigger the camera.
    Daylight is usually a time everything is a trigger.

  • Hey Moultrie! There is a problem with these cameras, and you know it! What are you going to do about it! I’m taking these 2 back to Academy tomorrow, and guess what?!! I will be bringing home a different Brand...

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    Wait you guys. I just realized something from using the a900 last night. If you have the camera set to DELETE (memory management) files when the card is full and turn it on at night, if you don't get to it until after sunrise, it's highly likely you won't see a single night shot as the camera removed all of those to make room for the 25 avi or photo files after daybreak.
    So check and see if you have memory management turned on.

  • @photocammer66 To overwrite an entire SD in 12 hours you would either need to use a very small card, or take a LOT of pictures.

    For example, I have a 32g card in a camera in Colorado that takes about 900 pics a month and has been out for 11 months and still hasn't started the overwrite process.
  • @RocklockHunter
    Probably depends how you had it set. Photo or video. At the shortest delay of 5 seconds. At 30 megs per avi it doesn't take much to fill a 16 gig card. They are listing that number to the absolute lowest file size which means a very low quality image which no one will set it to unless they have to.

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