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Hi all, couple of questions! I'm brand new to the Moultrie line of cameras having just picked up 2 of the M8000's. First things first... Both are in M8000 boxes but I don't think they're both 8000's. The one is the "white bark" pattern but the other is the more traditional camo pattern so I'm almost thinking it's an 8000I. I already have them in the woods so I can't check them out at night to see whether they're both visible at night. Anyone know just based on the serial numbers if you can distinguish between the 8000 & 8000I?

Next, what's the deal with availability? I've been watching these for months when they first came out in '19 and now it seems like they don't even exist? I can't find anything on the Moultrie site about them? I wanted to find out if the rechargeable 12-volt battery box was worth picking up for these cameras or not.

Appreciate any insight


  • I think you may be correct on the camera models. I'm not aware of way to look them up by serial numbers, but I'm sure Moultrie could assist if you wanted to call or chat with them.

    I highly recommend the battery boxes. I have one on an X series camera that is almost one year on a single charge. That's a cellular cam so it's pulling more juice than a normal camera.

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    Welcome to the forum. I have 2 8000's and plan on picking up a 3rd this summer. They take great pics and I think you'll be pleased with them. They should be the same camo, so most likely one is the 8000i. The battery box all depends on how you use the cam and how often you check it. In pic mode not set on corn taking a ton of pics, then 2 sets of alkaline batteries should get you through a full year. If you do video, then definitely go with a battery box. Moultrie cams have poor battery life in video mode. I have one hooked up to a battery box, but mainly because I have the box not really out of necessity.

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    Thanks, appreciate the welcome and quick replies. I intend to use them solely for video, not cellular enabled, and can change the batteries on a regular basis but the fact there's nothing on the Moultrie site has me confused since they're brand new. I can't even find the 12V battery box on the site to order either. The Energizer batteries I put in them on Friday night were already rather drained by Sunday evening and the cameras only recorded about 2 dozen, 1-minute video clips which was surprising to have sucked that much power so soon. I registered both on the website for the warranty and was also surprised there wasn't a confirmation # or email upon completion. I dread that possibility down the road that something happens and you try having warranty work done and they say, "sorry, there's no record of you filing the warranty registration within the required timeframe."

  • The battery box is located in the camera accessories page

    As long as you have proof of purchase you'll have no problem getting warranty work done. Even if you haven't registered your camera.

    Here's Trailcampro's review of the 8000

    I always get an email thanking me for registering my camera. Maybe check your junk mail folder.

  • you made a good investment @Kris the 8000 camera is great!

    probably why its hard to get them now is cuz everyone found out how great they are. i would recommend that you read the 8000 review that @Sodbuster gave you, it has some really good info about the camera as well as other cameras. if you find that you have time, look into there whole website. what they do there is pretty cool.

  • Thanks for the input. So far so good, I found the battery box on the site, ordered two and Moultrie confirmed warranty registration on the cams. Such a disappointment, though, the 8000's this day in age of camera technology don't have audio capability with the video but what can you do?

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    Anyone tell me what I'm missing here with respect to time lapse? How do you turn off the pair of time lapse settings? The way it appears in the menu, there's always a start and stop time but no "OFF". I had both set up last weekend to do just 30 second video on a 10 second delay. Camera #1 did exactly that... 119 30-second clips of deer and turkeys in my clover plot. Camera #2 on another plot that I had set up to do the same thing wound up taking 1,100 pics of nothing on days 5 and 6 and that was it. And what's the deal with the "# of days" that shows up on the menu screen as it scrolls through??? I'm too use to Bushnell cams I guess...

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    @Kris Capture Mode. It's either Motion, Time Lapse, or both.

  • @Kris Trying to figure out what your getting at.

    You want to know how time laps works on Moultrie cameras? Or are you asking about motion+TL mode?
    Here is a couple of links from moultrie's FAQ page on motion detect mode, time laps and motion+TL. Hope that is what your looking for and answers your questions

    This is for motion detect mode. https://pradcooutdoorbrands.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000720828-How-Motion-Detect-in-Moultrie-Cameras-Works

    This is for time laps mode.

    This is for motion+TL mode.
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