I'm on my 4th exchange with these camera. I can't be having that bad luck with these and no one else is having issues. I've had one eating batteries within a couple days and another not sending pics. One with bad shutter and now I just put the latest out on Sunday and everything was working fine and sending pics with the first day and half. Now it hasn't checked in since 3:30 am on June 1st. I been through it with call support where I was told previously to use a 8GB card and lithium batteries which I've followed now the latest call is telling me not to use lithium batteries etc. I have lithium batteries in there that were brand new and a 8GB card bought from Moultrie. Also my farm is less than a 1/4 mile from cell tower. My phone gets great signal. I need some help or my money back. I'm tired of sending in camera's and getting another junk one back. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Todd

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