M40's and Firmware Updates

I have several M40 and W40 cameras and when I updated the firmware on them the battery life diminished greatly. On a set of lithium batteries I get about 2 days worth of action on them. Is there any way to revert to the previous / original firmware on these? Will a factory reset set the firmware back to its original version does anyone know?


  • That's an interesting question. If you had the BIN file from the old version, it MAY overwrite the new one with the file on the card. There may be something in the software to look for version numbers and only take the most recent though.

    I doubt the factory reset will work. It will likely just reset all of your settings but won't change the firmware.

    If you can find the old firmware file, I guess it's worth a shot. I personally don't know where you'd find it. Otherwise, it may require a call to Customer Service to see what ideas they may have.

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