A900 model questions about menus

Greetings. Anyone know what this display stands for? It appears to be un documented or forgotten in the instructions. Not in the menu that I can find. The up/down arrow changes it to dely symbol for delete/format of the card as instructed. But nothing happens at that other set of letters.

Thank you.
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See attachments.


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    It's the setting to reformat your SD card. If you toggle up or down it will change the last digit to "Y". Changing it to "Y" and pressing Enter will delete all contents of the card and reformat the disk to that camera.

    "del" stands for "Delete". That won't change, only the last character from "Y" to "N"

    It's the middle description in the manual picture you posted.

  • Thx. I understood the y part. Now I understand the 'n' or upside down 'u' part.

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