Houston, we have a problem...

It's been years since I've had run-ins with coyotes, but the last week or so, I'm getting blown up with images.

I counted 5 in this one pic and I think there may be even more. I haven't seen many fawns this year, I sure hope this isn't the reason why.


  • That's bad. A summer time pack like that could definitely clean out the fawn population.

  • Dude, you don't even want to know how many coyotes we have here. 5 in one pick is not quite common but pretty close.
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    Three in uno pick is common. Just the other day I was picking blueberries and a coyote was running through the row and almost ran into me! It made a quick turn around and ran toward the south road. I, quickly thinking it would do so, cut east 20ft and ran south to where I suspected the dog was going. I was right! we ran into each other at about 25-30ft out. it Ran across the corn field and I was on its tail for probably 15-20ft before the dog cut into the BlackBerry thicket and swam across the slue.

    I had fun, I sure the coyote about peed his/her fur lol.
  • This is back home where I grew up and I lived there about 18 years before I saw my first coyote. They're definitely getting more prevalent and the challenge is that no one in the town is interested in predator control.

    @Sodbuster I'm afraid you're right. The last couple years by this time we were seeing quite a few bucks fairly regularly. This year it has fallen off a cliff.

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    Looks like pups. Maybe they will disperse out of there. I've had a couple of pics with as many as 7 or 8 the last couple of years. Had a couple show up about fawning/poult time on camera. Hope they stay gone.

  • I'd say that they look like pups, I think the majority will disperse after the first year or two, It was just last winter that a couple yearling muleies I had been watching on my cams were pulled down by those dogs, I was glad to see that they completely ate the first before the second. :s

    Atleast coyotes are not like those wofls in North Idaho that kill for fun. We knew a guy that was lived there, he would walk to the back of his property and he would find hardly touched elk carcass! Apparently Idaho department of fish and game was telling people that they could shoot them whenever they saw one without a license or tag. It was a pretty big problem there 2 years ago, im not sure about now or if the fixed anything.
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