Another Newbie

I have just bought my first trail camera.... I got the A40

I believe i have all up and running well,, just wondering how to get the camera to notify my phone there are pictures or maybe even forward the pics .. If that is possible....

I am assuming there is an app that maybe does that..... I have an Android phone....

Thanks in advance for any information....


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    A-40 is a great first trail camera! i am going to give you a quick rundown of moultrie cameras.

    there is the A series which is your 'standard' trail camera, nothing advanced and easy to use. which is what makes your A-40 a great first trail cam, your A-40 is A series.

    M series has advanced settings, longer flash range typically better picture quality. all in all, its a upgrade from the A series line.

    the S series which is basically the M series only it has a built in picture viewer and a few other bells and whistles: note, the S series camera is discontinued.

    the P series is panoramic, your option of two or three lenses in one camera which will give you a 180 or 150 degree view. this camera is also discontinued.

    all of the cameras that i previously listed do NOT send pictures to your phone/notify you when the camera takes a picture, those are non cellular devices by there self. it is possible to make your camera cellular with a modem via the moultrie mobile network. moultrie also makes cameras that are cellular without a modem. i am going to give you a link that will explain how moultrie mobile works, it will explain how it works way better than i could, plus it saves me the time of typing all of that info lol. you do have to pay to get those pictures sent to your phone.

    if you have any more questions let me know.

  • Thank You for the volume of info..... I do appreciate it......

  • > @Yellowbeard said:
    > Thank You for the volume of info..... I do appreciate it......

    No problem, if you any more questions let me know.
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