New Cameras

I ordered straight from moultrie on sunday and they was shipped out monday. Tecieved the cameras on tuesday. I have been on the fence about these mobile cameras for the past couple years but when i saw they have unlimited pics i orderd two.
I had already set up my accounts on sunday night after i ordered. Downloaded the app for android on a samsung note 9.
Used the mobile app to activate them and set up my unlimited plan.
Ive been messin around with them and put a plate of meatloaf out in the yard.
I have to say these cameras are very nice. No issues at all. Whatever moultrie is doing please dont change nothing. Ive checked for false triggers and everything is working perfect.
Most of these forums is always full of complaints or issues but i just wanted to share my experience.
I ordered the xv 7000 cameras on verizon.
Very happy with my purchase so far. Taking them up to the club this weekend to put on some hog feeders. Will update in a week.


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