Software Updates

@Moultrie_Ninjaneer @Moultrie_Jedi Can you all provide information on currently released software updates, like V1.4, and upcoming updates to let us know what fixes, new features, and minor enhancements have been made are coming up in the next upgrade. And maybe even provide an estimated delivery time for the upcoming software upgrade.

It seems like each time that an update comes out it is a surprise to the users, and sometimes new features are found. This might also help out with folks that are low on battery life know that a possible drain is coming when an update is due out and to get out there before the upgrade to change out the batteries. I know it is all a bit techie t want this, but I know several folks have inquired about what V1.4 brought to us and we have not received much in the way of answers.

Maybe make this a top level item that gets update from time to time just like the Suggested Enhancements and Moultrie Mobile Helpful Tips.


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