battery life

I just purchased a new M-999I camera. I put 8 new duracell batteries and put it out. I went back after 3 days and had 450 pictures and dead batteries. I put brand new batteries in, reset to "max battery life" and it registered 18 days of battery life remaining. After one day it was already down to 38%. Any help?Thank you, Bill J


  • I would try some E-Lithium Batteries... They seem last the longest... Also check the Moultrie Website and see if there are any Firmware Updates they might have a fix... I received a 2016 M-888i and it only took maybe 125 Videos in maybe a month and the Batteries were dead and would not take any more Vids... There was a Firmware Update but they don't say what it Corrects so all you can is Hope... Since mine was a replacement for one I purchased in 2015 the warranty is over... I only use lithiums, they last much long than alkalines do... And I get a 12 pak for 20.00 from Sam's Club the best price on them...

    Good Luck...

  • @BILLJ What detection delay settings did you have it on? As @Newaygo101 suggested a Firmware update might be able to help. As I mentioned before, the latest firmware updates on the cameras addressed general stability improvements specifically around 0 second delay which may help pro-long the battery life.

  • I did a firmware update and put recommended batteries. I had it set on a 1 min delay. Batteries still died in 2 days. I just bought another M999I and it does the same thing.

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