drivers for device

I programmed the camera and when I plugged into the computer it states that the device does not have drivers and I could not find any online.


  • @WilliamHRachelSr The camera just acts as a mass storage device, no need to install special drivers. It should pop up as a removable drive after a few seconds, if not: Unplug the camera from the computer, turn the camera off and then back on, plug it back into the computer.

    The display should come up and show USB CONNECTED (or just USB depending on the model camera). This is your visual indicator that he camera is working properly when connected to the computer.

  • doesn't work. shows "USB Mode Mass Storage" on my Gamespy I-45, however doesn't show up on my PC (Windows 10). Have asked this question repeatedly of Moultrie with no usable response. There was a time I could pull the pics off this camera via USB, however, not any longer.

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