Programming the Panoramic 150

This firmware allows one to select daly photos 5 minutes apart for one or two hours after sunrise and before sunset. It worked for a while under battery power, but then started cutting out. I bought a solar panel to extend battery life, but that was worse - first Moultrie sent me a new battery because the charger didn't seem to make any difference. So, I tried running a plug out to the camera from the house, with the Moultre-supplied charger plugged in. It hasn't taken a picture since! I tried to upgrade the firmware but the camera doesn't recognize the upgrade file on the SD card, and doesn't ask me to confirm upgrade. Now I want to review the programming manual, but I can't get that off the web page. It has been a very unreliable camera with skipping days or dieing out and not taking reliable on AC power. Does anyone have experience with this camers who can help me trouble shoot why It doesn't take picutres consistently?


  • Run 3 of these almost year round with no issues, some taking 1200+ pictures a day. Batteries last any where from a month to 4 months pending pictures taken. I only use Energizer Alkaline batteries in them though.
    I also only use sandisk SD cards class 4 and 10 with my only problem being a card that was locked.

  • @jkramer Do you still have batteries inside the camera even while it's plugged up? If not, you need to make sure you still have the batteries installed as they provide a little extra oomph that the more power hungry P150 requires.

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