M 1100i firmware

Why isn't the M 1100i camera in the firmware update list?


  • Because they had so many issues with them... I have sent back 4 of them all stopped working in Video Mode and Default to Picture either when you turn one off and back on or with a day or 2 of putting it in the field and when I sent the first 2 back it had a new issue Complete Whiteout's at Transition Times which the original 2 Never had. Sad part is the last one I sent I got another But it was not in a New Box sealed off box. And yet many are still selling 2014 Models and Moultrie is out of the 2014 M-880i...
    Seems since 2013 the 2014, 2015 and 2016 all have issues. Even their Flash Extenders so far one I bought and 2 replacements have not worked as Marketed and their "expert" has no clue about why and has no idea what Moultrie Warranty Policy is!!! The quality has gone down hill no issue with my 2 2013 M-990i but a cracked hinge a lot better than the 5 M-1100i have had and the 1 2014 M-880i, 2015 M-990i Gen 2 and the 2016 940i Flash Extender... They gave up on their Top of the Line since 2014 and now they went back to a 2 Digit Model Number looks like they have gone backwards like their Quality!!! Won't But another Moultrie they just send out a new one with the same Problem and wasting $ on return shipping to get the same Problem again and again says it All. They just send a new one till your Warranty has run out!!!

  • @blenderbender The real reason that the M1100i isn't in the firmware update list is that there is a very high probability that it already has the most up-to-date firmware. Any models left out there should be from one of the last production runs which were loaded up with the latest firmware. If you have any questions though, you can call our CS department and they can walk you through checking the firmware version and provide an updated firmware if there is one available.

  • Yes and they have a New Issue I had 2 Original one and never had the Total Whiteouts During the Transition Times All the Replacements from Moultrie have this issue as well as they Stop working in Video Mode 3 of them had this and all 3 that I sent in now have a Whiteout when it is changing from day to night and night to day. As well as they Stop Working in Video Mode whether it is when you turn it off and back on once you get to the spot you are using it or You turn it on and with a Day or two It some how switches from Video Mode to Picture on its Own. Takes about 6 Months Got 2 from 2 different sellers back in 2014 and got another one from Cabela's (March 2016) and all did this. So the later Version needs a Firmware Update to Fix the "WHITEOUT" Problem but the Expert here thinks there is no issue well if my First Two did not have the Whiteout Issue why does all the NEW ONES DO??? Because they did something and Made changes to the Firmware!!! Just My Epereince with the 3 2014 M-1100i I OWN!!! Maybe they need to Test the ones that have been return but I am still waiting for them To Test the2016 940i Flash Extenders I have sent in because 3 for 3 Don't work as the Manual states they do and No One here has an Answer why they DON"T WORK Either been waiting for a Reason for over 6 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • All I can say is I hope I have a better experience than you have! Thanks for all your input.

  • Wow! I have 6 1100i from day 1. Used them all weather two winters . Great cameras! The only problem that I have is that I would like to acquire more battery trays and have not been able to locate any.
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