Giveaway - Tell us how YOU use Moultrie products this spring!

ATTN Forum Community,

We want to know how YOU use YOUR Moultrie products in the Spring. You're a Moultrie forum user because you're dedicated to the craft of land and deer management. Share your tips with us and other community members for a chance to win awesome cameras.

Simply respond to this thread and tell us how YOU use Moultrie in the Spring months for your chance to win a Moultrie M-999i game camera. Three winners will be announced on Friday, March 10th.

We look forward to your answers!

Best and good luck,
The Moultrie Team


  • Set them mostly for turkey in the spring until the fawns start dropping

  • I use the cameras year round but in the spring I will use them for turkey to see where they are at and what times in the day then I will also use them for fawns to see how much our deer have grown last but not least I will use them for coyotes. Put bait out and see how many we have and where we can hunt them
  • Mine's going to be high up in a tree time lapsing food plots for turkeys. Hopefully, I can see how the flock is, and how the rest of the wildlife is faring this spring.

  • I use my camera year round to see what bucks made it through the season. Also in the spring to see how the does, and also young and up and coming bucks for the following season. Now with the Moultrie Mobile app, it's even easier and less intrusion in the area!
  • Good stuff guys, keep 'em coming.

  • Winners have been drawn - congrats goes out to the following: Qklein23, mjp108, and Sodbuster. Thanks for participating!

  • Using mine for turkeys right now.

  • I use my moultrie 990I all year long to monitor fawns/turkeys/bucks/coyotes/mountain lions/bears/ and cattle. My biggest issue is with all this rain northern CA. has revieved it appears that at least one of my cameras has stopped working. It's only about 2 years old.

  • Year around from corn to my own minerals I make and deer feed I make personally all about deer hunting and gettting pictures of deer horns growing
  • I've been looking at wireless cameras over the past year trying to decide on what manufacturer to go with. Due to the fact that I already have a few moultrie cams and a hunting buddy recommended moultrie mobile I decided to give it a shot. I can honestly say after a years research of wireless cams and now using th mv1, the moultrie mobile system is light years a head of the competition. I have already order more of the mv1s. I live a long ways away from hunting property and this gives me the ability to monitor my deer heard through the spring and summer months. Just wanted to say thank you moultrie and keep up the good work.
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