power supply conversion

I recently bought a Moultrie 55 gallon pro from a private seller. He could not tell me much about it. It is currently powered by 4 D cell batteries. The battery unit is attached to the control board with alligator clips. I am assuming from reading some of the product descriptions that I could use a 6v battery along with a solar panel for efficiency. Is this correct or am I stuck using the D batteries? I also have seen the solar power panel offered by Moultrie has a male plug for connection. I do not see any external power port on this feeder. I estimate the feeder to only be a few years old. Where exactly is the would the power port located if it has one?


  • My feeder is the 2017 model. there is a solar panel connector toward the bottom. it is kind of hidden, covered with a rubber cap.

  • Are the Moultrie Elite 6V batteries screw top or spring loaded. I am at batteries plus and have not looked at my unit close enough to decide which battery to purchase.

  • Hello Everyone
    I purchased a Hog light that uses C batteries. It is a pain to recharge said batteries since they only last a few days. Then I purchased a 6Volt solar panel and it does recharge the batteries, but does not work when plug to solar panel.
    Does anyone has an idea of how to work this or any other solution that will work from Moultrie.

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