Pond Feeder clogs up

My Pond Feeder clogs up with dust from the feed hitting the impeller as it cycles on and off. The feed dust builds up after a few cycles completely blocking the final drop hole to the impeller. I'm using sinking catfish food pellets and tried alternatively Rex dog food with the same results. I called customer service and the lady told me no one ever had a similar problem. I've thought of taking it apart and modifying the impeller somehow. Anyone had a similar problem?


  • I am having the sample problem with fish food from TSC

  • Has anyone found a solution? I need to be out of town alot, so I need this thing to work correctly, already lost ALL my fish last year when Hurricane/Tornadoes hit Rockport, Texas last year
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  • I’m having the same problem but see no response from anybody at Moultrie
  • I bought the Directional Kit and made my own stand using a 20 gallon trash can for the hopper. I purposefully bought this to make a fish feeder not a deer feeder. Took it down to the pond, loaded it up with two 5 gallon buckets of Mid South Floating Catfish Food! Started it up and threw about a half cup into the pond! Motor still running! No food coming out! Thinking I shouldn't have installed the restrictor plate I scooped out two 5 gallon buckets of Mid South Floating Catfish Food and removed the restrictor plate! Refilled the feeder with two 5 gallon buckets of Mid South Floating Catfish Food and tried again. Same results nothing happening. OK, remembering my days as an auto worker in the 70's I figure some disgruntled worker has slipped something into the feed shoot and I didn't check for obstructions before I put it together. Out comes the two 5 gallon buckets of Mid South Floating Catfish Food again! ( It's getting a little quicker due to you never can completely clean out the can and you scatter quite a bit on the ground!) Nothing, the shoot is open, ran a sewer snake thru it to be sure. Getting dark so I adjourned to the pole barn. Reassembled and thought OK, will this thing throw corn? Filled with 1 bucket of #2 dent corn! Threw it across the barn and out the door. You could watch the corn swirl down the shoot like you flushed the toilet! Hmmm? Looks like my wife has a new feeder for her deer.
    Got to looking at Moultries web site and was making sure they claimed this was a fish feeder when I spotted a video of the FISH feeder in action! Everybody needs to watch that video and notice something! They loaded it with CORN and are throwing CORN into the pond! It seems to me they know it won't throw fish food!
    Unless someone discovers a fish food that it will throw I think they should stop calling it a Fish Feeder.

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