M-880 not powering on

I thought I posted this a couple of nights ago but can't find it now.
Have a M-880 that I had stored for a year. Had taken batteries out and there is no corrosion anywhere. Put new Duracells in but unit won't display anything. Any resets or ideas to try?


  • Sounds like it might be FUBAR, but I would give CS a call and see if they know any ninja tricks that might get it back up and running.

  • The problem I had was the same. It turns out that leaving your battery pack in the camera for extended periods of time reduces the contact pressure for the power "springs" / "contacts". Slide your battery pack out and look inside, if you can pull those springs/contacts out to make them longer it should work. I took mine apart and stretched out those contact springs and it works fine now. Terrible design I must say!

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