A-20i not taking pics

Just bought an A 20i and it only takes pics when we touch the camera to open it to turn it off, when a human walks by or when first turned on. I'm trying to catch what creature is raiding my bird feeders at night and the camera is about 25 ft from the area I want to see (can't get closer as the area is too open and critters would see it as new and foreign). I had 2 mallard ducks walk through the area of the feeders in daylight and the camera did not trigger. Camera faces south (more or less) and camera doesn't even pick up the bird feeders moving in the wind.


  • How high do you have your cam mounted? Would need to be low or angled down a bit to get ducks going by. More than likely you have a coon hitting your feeders.

  • Thanks Sodbuster. We tried various heights from 1 foot to 4 foot and have it angled somewhat downward too. What pictures it does take are clear and sharp so the camera itself is fine. We are trying to update the firmware today and will try that. We too think coon but want to be sure it isn't our nasty neighbor up to no good so need to keep the camera hidden from him. Would a coon bend a shepherds hook over at the ground level and nowhere else?

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    I would say once the weight of 1 or 2, 20+lb coons got to the top of it that's where it would probably bend. You never know though when it comes to certain neighbors.

    pic I got last night of a momma and little ones.

  • The update of the firmware did the trick as to our A-20i not taking pics (new camera just bought) and we caught pics of up to 3 coons rading that feeder. Put on some PVC pipe baffles (second file #268 below) and they shook the feeder but did not bend the post down. It was foggy that night so most pics were pretty hard to see but we did get a set of three showing the post and feeders swinging hard but couldn't actually see the coon do it. Coons were in the pics just a minute before and those right after so we're 99% sure that's the culprit. Thanks again Sodbuster.

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