I have an elite feeder (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BE3EURU) and installed the varmint guard (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JJ8TWNU). However, I have a ton of raccoons. I understand there is little I can do to stop them from eating on the ground, but they also climb up the legs, reach through the varmint guard and spin the dispenser to get even more. How can I stop them from spinning the dispenser? I would have thought the varmint guard would do this, but it does not have a big enough diameter to keep them out.

Let me know how I can stop this


  • coon dogs come to mind. but that may stop the deer from stopping by also. Coons figured out how to remove the spreader and dump the entire load of corn. In the process this broke the quick mount ring. I am purchasing a new spreader I intend to drill the new one and place a screw in it to keep them from removing it, dropping and braking it.

    I hope they don't have tools out there

  • My feeder location is plagued with raccoons and hogs. I made 4 system mods to my 55 gal barrel feeder. 1) I replaced the tripod legs with 10' EMT electrical conduit with 1.25" ID that slid over the leg stubs that extend from the barrell. I drilled the leg stub and conduit to receive 1/4" bolts in order to protect against being overturned. The EMT's lack of joints combined with being a larger diameter makes the leg almost impossible for a coon to climb. Also, the longer legs place the base of the feeder further off the ground to preclude large deer from entanglement. 2) I installed a conduit penetrating from the side of the barrel to the inside and routed it down to a penetration exit very close to the feeder motor assembly. Next I installed the solar panel adjacent to the upper barrel penetration in a way that I could route the power cord inside the conduit such that the cord is inaccessible to any critter. 3) I built a large diameter wire cloth cage to completely enclose the motor housing, including enclosing the power conduit/cord exit at the bottom of the barrel. 4) I drove a 5 foot long T-POST next to the base of each leg and anchored the bottom part of the leg to the T-POST with a U-Bolt that wraps around the leg and the T-POST. The mod is to protect against hogs that have been known to "root" unsecured legs sufficiently to overturn the entire feeder.
    These mods have been in place for 2 years of hunting with no signs of being damaged or penetrated by raccoons or hogs. Next time I visit my hunting sight I will take a few pictures of the modified system.

    Good luck hunting and the war on coons and hogs.

    John Aaron
    Southwest Oklahoma

  • I wrapped rabbit fencing around the varmint guard and wired it on securely. After awhile, the coons figured out they were beat, meaning they don't even bother climbing up the feeder legs anymore. Still eat off the ground, but that's it. This fencing will effect how far the corn disperses, but it still works. We get tons of deer at our feeders regardless.

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