I recently purchase the M-999i and I'm using the energizer lithium batteries and for some reason the brand new camera is just draining the batteries in 18 days no matter what I put the settings on. Its says 99% on the new batteries but below only 18 days left. Has anybody else had these same issue with this camera??? or no how to fix the problem???


  • Cameras don't read lithiums correctly, so ignore the days left reading. For example my S50i always reads 99% and 2 days left. When your meter starts dropping below 99% then it's time to change lithium batteries. If your camera has a firmware update available then update it. That will probably fix any battery draining issues. My 888 was draining batteries to the point that they would only last a day, did the firmware update and it fixed the problem.

  • Thanks for the help, I will do the firmware update and hope that solves the issue.

  • I recently received the M-999i as a gift. It seems to just work once on any setting. and then stops. It takes one motion detected photo then stops, one time lapse then stops...Full batteries, photo that it does take looks good. It has a 32 mb card so plenty of room still. Any suggestions?

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