No pictures

We have a new camera and it took beautiful pictures for four days. Then the next morning when we checked, there were no pictures. That has happened 3 days in a row now. Nothing changed. I went down again this morning and checked all the settings and position of the card and all appears to be correct. Checked it again to see if there were pictures of me while I was down there but nothing. Any suggestions?


  • Give Customer service a call and they can walk you through some of the common troubleshooting steps and help determine if there is a problem with your camera.

  • I did that, call CS and they walk me through it and still the same problems as this man.

  • My son gave me a Moultrie A Series MCG-13240 a few weeks ago. It seems to trigger slowly sometimes. I put it on a trail and it seems to capture pics and videos after animals have passed by in front of it. I've got the rear end of a coyote which passed right in front of it...less than two yards. I've tested it by walking in front of it and it doesn't trigger until I've almost passed out of its view a distance of two yards. Noticed the same performance when some of our pets pass in front of it. It just seems to be triggering too not sensitive enough even when the subject is close. Any ideas ?

  • I am having the same problems with my MCG-13240 as the people above. Bought it last season and it worked the first time out and no pics after that and no pics this year. Was there a recall? I tried everything in the manual, nothing works. Need suggestions

  • I'm having a problem with my cam it says card locked and wont take pictures. Model # MFH-DGS-D551RxT. Is there a fix for this I have tried other cards also.

  • I have a M-50 and the pics at night are all black. How do I fix that?
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