Alert - Moultrie Mobile Delays (8/9/16)

Moultrie Mobile Users,
Moultrie Mobile is experiencing delays due to the volume of new users that have joined our system over the last few of days. As a result, image uploads and other site actions are processing slower than expected.

The system launched to the public on July 26th. For several months prior to this date, hundreds of test users used the system without any problems. The surge in image uploads over the past week revealed unforeseen limitations related to server configuration.

We are working non-stop to resolve these delays and return the system back to normal operation. As progress is made, updates will be posted in the Announcements section of the Moultrie Forums:

We at Moultrie are humbled by the huge response to Moultrie Mobile and are going to do whatever it takes to continuously earn the trust of our customers. We apologize for these delays and assure you that it WILL be resolved. We are fully committed to delivering consistent service with fast response times. We appreciate your patience as we get the system up to speed.

Thank you,
Moultrie Mobile Team

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